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Coupling Ball Type 750-00282-01

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fix integrated ball, D=80mm, suitable for retrofitting pickup hitches
Datasheet 2.06.200
Type Zugkugeleinsatz
(A) mm 46
(B) mm 70
(C) mm 190
(E) mm 25
Connection type Kugel80
If you are unsure about the assignment, please use the sketch of the illustrated hook and supplement the table with the dimensions. Send this to our technical support.
Suitable power steering devices can be found on data sheet 6.05.020
Only for connection to ball-type trailer shanks 80 according to ISO 24347
The D value and the maximum vertical load of the hitch support must be observed. The respective lower value shall be applicable. The pertinent regulations (e.g. Accident Prevention Regulations for Vehicles) and the attachment guidelines of the vehicle manufacturers must be observed when installing the coupling! This must be released either by type approval or individual approval and always in combination with the support (e. g. ball-type drawbar)
Official national regulations must be observed. For example: in Germany the obligations in §13 FZV regarding the permissible trailer weight and vertical load as indicated in the vehicle registration documents must be considered. Assembly must be carried out by a technical expert. Installation only made from an authorized specialist workshop. Installation and operating instructions must be observed!

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ASP Anschweißplatte
ANP Anschraubplatte
F Pitonzapfen
KU Kupplung
KUA Kugelbalkenadapter
KI Kugel-Innenteil
KB Kugelbock
KFD Kugel mit Flansch - drehbar
KBA Kugelbalken
KBAU Kugelbalken universal
KEP Kugeleinschweißplatte
KT Kugeltraverse
KUP Kupplungsplatte
PB Pitonbock
PBAU Pitonbalken universal
PEP Pitoneinschweißplatte
PP Pitonplatte
ZKK Kalotte
ZO Zugöse
ZPA Zugpendelaufsatz
ZWL Zwangslenkung
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CC Klemmkonus
AS Ziehverschluss geschlossen
AZG Ziehverschluss offen
KB Klemmbrücke
KF Klemmverschluss formschlüssig
STIFT Schiebestift
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