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Set - Test Gauges For Hitches PK-WAL

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Item #: 8005546
Weight: 6.1 kg
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The special box contains an assortment of test gauges and tools for determining the degree of wear on hitch systems.
Datasheet 8.09.050
Type Prüfkoffer Walterscheid Verbindungseinrichtungen LoF
AP-Code MP-0
(A) mm 420
(B) mm 350
(C) mm 160
Content Special Box PK-WAL:
1x Special Tool MW-WAL (8004971)
1x Test Calotte PK80 (8005483)
1x Special Tool PL-ZWL50 (8005380)
1x Special Tool PF-WAL (8005084)
1x Special Tool PL-WAL (8004932)
1x Flashlight
1x Assembly and Instruction Guide
Special Tool MW-WAL is used to secure the lock nut below the ball 80.
Calotte PK80 for determination of adjustment of chain guides, allows comfortable condition diagnosis of ball 80.
Special tool PL-ZWL50 to check the wear limit of power steering systems ZWL50 and Calotte ZKK50-M30x2.
Special tool PF-WAL to check the wear limit of Piton-Fix pins and towing eyes with D=50mm.
Special tool PL-WAL to check the wear limit of pin-or ball couplings and towing eyes with D=40mm. For further details please refer to the assembly and instruction guide.
The flashlight helps to light up the inner zone of the calotte, adjustable rails of bolt couplings and shaft bearings.
The special box includes an assembly and instruction guide with a detailed description of each tool. Information about the wear limit of the different coupling devices is also included.

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