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DUJ shafts DUJ

Walterscheid Welsberg AG is a globally operating enterprise, supplying numerous well-known manufacturers around the world with precision components for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, as well as special applications.

Walterscheid Welsberg AG has been developing, manufacturing and marketing double universal joint (DUJ) shafts for a wide range of applications since 1968. The company's long-standing success is based on quality, technological innovation and, above all, qualified, creative and flexible employees.

The products from Walterscheid Welsberg AG for the off-highway sector include:

  • DUJ shafts for vehicles with driven steering axles
  • DUJ shafts for sterndrives for boats
  • Universal-joint shafts for special applications


B Series 300

The B-SERIES 300 was designed for machines with driven steering axles for the agricultural and industrial sector, as well as for earth-moving machines (Compact). Depending on the requirements, the DUJ shafts are available with functional limit torques of between 1,550 Nm and 7,500 Nm, and with a working angle of up to 60°. The joints of the B-SERIES 300 are available in five sizes, and each size can be supplied in three different versions: standard (male), hub yoke design (female) or with integrated pinion (sun gear). The most common applications for the B-SERIES 300 include the following machine types: backhoe loaders, agricultural tractors, telescopes, all-terrain lift trucks, wheeled excavators and many more.

T SERIES 469/569

T SERIES 469/569

On driven steering axles, a special version of the T-SERIES 469/569 with offset cross axes is used to obtain a particularly compact design. The T-SERIES 469/569 is available in six different sizes. The torque range from 4,000 to 16,000 Nm is covered. The maximum working angle is 50°.

M SERIES B210/M2185

The products of the M-SERIES B210/M2185 are special DUJ shafts for driving the inboard and outboard motors of boats, known as sterndrives. These DUJ shafts are characterised by a long service life in combination with a very compact design. Owing to the characteristics of boat drives, the DUJ shafts of the M-SERIES B210/M2185 reach speeds of more than 5,000 rpm.



Sideshafts are available in different versions for use in special-purpose vehicles:

  • Sideshafts with single universal joint
  • Sideshafts with centred, double universal joints
  • Sideshafts with constant-velocity joints

Size and version are defined in close collaboration with the customer and adapted to suit the specific requirements.

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