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Drive shaft guard

Walterscheid introduced the first fully protected PTO drive shaft in 1953. Since that time, serious accidents involving Walterscheid PTO drive shafts have been a thing of the past. This guard system for Walterscheid drive shafts has been continuously developed further. We offer various different models for this product category as well. These models have a modular design and vary with the required application.

Guard for single drive shafts

Single drive shafts come standard with two connection shields and two holding chains. This type of guard is the classic option for economical designs.

Guard for wide angle drive shafts

The wide angle drive shafts made by Walterscheid come standard with a Flexo element and two holding chains. The Flexo element safeguards the connection shield on the tractor side against rotating. This significantly reduces the risk of entanglement. Small holes in the green plastic provide for air exchange and prevent overheating. Coarse dirt will no longer penetrate the joint. Fine particles can be discharged during operation. The Flexo element can be slipped over the shaft and the funnel without any effort whenever cleaning or maintenance is required.

The guard solution for the Power Drive series

We offer complete protection with our Flexo element and no holding chains for the drive shafts of our Power Drive series.

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