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Latest News and Updates at GKN Walterscheid GmbH

02.11.2019 - New production site in Welsberg, South Tyrol, Italy

Walterscheid Powertrain Group:

New production site in Welsberg, South Tyrol, Italy

  • Most modern manufacturing facility for Double Universal Joint (DUJ) shafts worldwide
  • 220 employees at Walterscheid Welsberg AG
  • Annual capacity of 600,000 Double Universal Joint shafts and 30,000 cardan shafts
New production site in Welsberg

Lohmar, 02/11/2019

With the new manufacturing facility of Walterscheid Welsberg AG in South Tyrol, Italy, Walterscheid Powertrain Group now has the world's most modern plant for the production of Double Universal Joint shafts.

As a global leader in the manufacture of drive shafts for agricultural and construction machinery, Walterscheid Powertrain Group accounts for the entire life cycle of these products at the new production site, from the initial conversation with the customer to series production of the shaft. It is not without pride that the plant manager, Andreas Kaufmann, points out that "already now, practically every other four-wheel drive tractor in Europe contains two drive shafts that were manufactured at our previous Bruneck plant."

The manufacturing facility was recently relocated from Bruneck to Welsberg. An empty industrial hall that was acquired from another company allowed for the optimum integration of the production line. The new facility thus complements the GKN Sinter Metals and GKN Driveline plants in Bruneck, which have been located in South Tyrolean Pustertal for some time, as well as the second GKN Sinter Metals plant that was opened in nearby Sand in Taufers in 2017.

Solid growth thanks to research and innovation

The new manufacturing plant in Welsberg does not only impress as the world’s most modern production site for Double Universal Joint (DUJ) shafts. The plant also has an impressive production capacity, with an annual production of 600,000 DUJ and 30,000 Mechanics® cardan shafts. This is not without reason, as the quality and the innovative character of the products manufactured by Walterscheid Powertrain Group in South Tyrol have already allowed for an organic growth of 20 percent in recent years.

Thanks to the relocation of the production of Double Universal Joint shafts to the new plant in Welsberg, GKN Driveline will be able to concentrate entirely on its role as a competence centre for electro-mobility at its current site in nearby Bruneck, and to further develop the ePowertrain sector which will become increasingly important in the future.

Flagship site within GKN Group

For more than 50 years, GKN has been present with its own production facilities in South Tyrolean Pustertal. GKN Sinter Metals (Powder Metallurgy Division) at its Bruneck and Sand manufacturing sites is dedicated to the development and production of powder metallurgy components for the automotive sector and other industrial applications.

GKN Driveline in Bruneck today focuses on the development and production of components for electric drives and all-wheel drive transmissions for the automotive sector.

At its new location in Welsberg, Walterscheid Welsberg is dedicated to the development and production of drive shafts for agricultural and construction machinery.

More information can be found under

Your press contact person:

Michael Harant

Marketing Manager
Walterscheid Powertrain Group
GKN Walterscheid GmbH

Hauptstraße 150, 53797 Lohmar
Telefon +49 2246 123351 - Mobil +49 173 2803527


28.01.2019 - Walterscheid Powertrain Group @ Bauma 2019: Showcasing technological leadership

Walterscheid Powertrain Group @ Bauma 2019:

Showcasing technological leadership

  • Double Universal Joints B3000: Significantly more torque without additional space requirements
  • ICVD S1N 370V: Continuously variable travel drive for high energy efficiency, comfort and excellent cost-benefit ratio
  • Mechanics® Synergy driveshafts: Reducing servicing and maintenance needs, maximising uptime and productivity

Lohmar, 01/28/2019

Walterscheid Powertrain Group will present innovative products and technologies at the largest construction machinery fair, Bauma 2019, in Munich from April 8 to April 14. Amongst other products and information, Walterscheid Powertrain will highlight in Hall A3.239 the B3000 series of Double Universal Joints, the continuously variable travel drive ICVD S1N 370V, and the Mechanics® Synergy series of driveshafts of the 3C-10C series.

The innovative Walterscheid Powertrain Group product range particularly focuses on performance, weight reduction and increased efficiency as well as ease of operation with low service and maintenance requirements, thus offering excellent cost-benefit ratios.

More torque, same space: New B3000 Double Universal Joints

DUJ B3000

The Double Universal Joint (DUJ) B3000 series from Walterscheid Powertrain Group allows the transmission of significantly more torque – up to 20 percent – without increasing space requirements. Transmitting higher torque in the same space as the previous B300 series can result in substantial weight savings when new B3000 series DUJs are integrated into an axle, as the axle structure can be smaller and lighter than previously required for the given torque.

Reducing the structural weight makes vehicles more responsive to the operator's inputs for acceleration and deceleration. Whilst vehicle manufacturers aim at increasing the available torque, there are limitations when more torque requires larger and heavier components. This can result in weight increases of both the DUJ and the axle. As the torque capacity of the DUJ B3000 series was increased within the same space requirements, however, there is no need for a larger axle, thus avoiding additional weight and cost.

The increased performance at the same weight offers interesting opportunities to vehicle manufacturers who continuously try to reduce the structural weight of their vehicles. Less weight allows for improved fuel efficiency, thereby reducing the cost of operation. At the same time, reduced emissions improve the environmental performance of the vehicles.

Following Walterscheid Powertrain Group’s strategic commitment to “Differentiation Through Technology” and a multi-year development process, the new DUJ B3000 series will now be presented at Bauma 2019. The increased performance was achieved through a combination of material selection and optimisation of component geometry, and was supported by extensive laboratory and field testing. The first size, B3310, is now in production for the launch customer's pre-series production model, with the B3320 in an advanced state of development.


ICVD S1N 370V: Energy-efficient and comfortable

The new continuously variable travel drive ICVD S1N 370V provides convincing answers to growing requirements in terms of tractive force, speed and energy efficiency of agricultural and construction machinery. Tractive force is provided through the entire speed range up to 40 kph without a shifting process or interruption. This ensures high user comfort and also has significant effects with regards to energy efficiency.

That is particularly true for full vehicle power management systems with one motor powering different components. As no friction clutches or additional hydraulic motors are required, this technology also delivers convincing results in terms of reduced drag-torque and costs of the system in comparison to multi-motor concepts.

A standard control component which already is in use in other drives was integrated into the new continuously variable travel drive. This offers various control options and ensures perfect compatibility with available controller and software interfaces. In addition, the use of this high-volume component allows for maximum ruggedness and reliability of the new continuously variable travel drive.

Despite the extremely compact dimensions of hydraulic motor and gearbox, and a weight of approximately 200 kg, the high-performance travel drive offers a convincing power capacity of 130 kW. The ICVD P370 is based on a bent axis motor kit with corresponding swivel mechanism and control unit and was developed for trouble-free application in a wide range of agricultural and construction machinery.

The ICVD P370 was designed in a joint development project by Walterscheid and Danfoss Power Solutions as a key partner, thus allowing for a systematic and holistic approach. Walterscheid Powertrain took particular responsibility for construction, manufacturing and test bench trials whilst Danfoss Power Solutions provided technical expertise as well as support for system and component integration especially during the development phase and vehicle testing.

Mechanics Synergy

Mechanics® Synergy driveshafts

Designed for a broad range of uses and operations in construction, mining, defence and other Off-Highway markets, Mechanics® Synergy is an evolution of existing Walterscheid Powertrain Group product innovations with new features and benefits to offer significant advantages to customers.

The range was developed by linking existing, proven Off-Highway technologies by Walterscheid Powertrain Group, from its market-leading Mechanics® Series U-Joints range, with inverted slip and shaft design expertise. Available in sizes 3C-10C, the product range offers significant advantages and reduces the need for servicing, maintenance, maximise uptime and productivity.

Design characteristics of the Mechanics® Synergy series lead to various benefits: The market leading slip section sealing ensures superior product life even in the harshest of Off-Highway environments. The unique design geometry allows for weight saving, thereby improving vehicle fuel efficiency, and has excellent low wear characteristics to ensure maximum operator comfort throughout the product lifespan. Operators and owners also benefit from the entirely service-free design, saving time and money by not needing to ever grease any shaft components.

Vehicle manufacturers also benefit from the years of product development and selection experience in the Mechanics® product range. This includes knowing that the grease used in the product, which is so critical for life, has been carefully selected for the requirements of Off-Highway vehicles, and is proven in laboratory and field testing.

Information on the new products can be found under

Your press contact person:

Michael Harant

Marketing Manager
Walterscheid Powertrain Group
GKN Walterscheid GmbH

Hauptstraße 150, 53797 Lohmar
Telefon +49 2246 123351 - Mobil +49 173 2803527


20.01.2019 - Schulungssaison 2019

08.10.2018 - Prüfkoffer - Walterscheid mit neuem Service für Werkstätten

New Set with Test gauges for hitches to easily
determine wear and tear of hitches

The new set includes a full assortment of test gauges and tools for the analysis of wear on agricultural hitch systems

In the context of general inspections, it becomes more and more important to correctly analyse wear conditions of hitches, ball systems, power steering systems, coupling eyes and calottes. Many workshops and specialists already offer corresponding services ahead of inspections.


Especially for this kind of application, Walterscheid now offers a new set with test gauges. It includes a complete assortment of test gauges and tools for wear determination on agricultural hitch systems. Among the tools we offer are special tool for groove nuts, test calottes and test gauges for power steering systems, Piton-fix hitch systems, bolt clutches, ball couplings and calottes. A comprehensive handbook is enclosed, containing information about wear limits and calibration for internal monitoring, and special lighting.

„Participants of our training programs at testing agencies like TÜV and Dekra, at OEMs and businesses have expressed the need for a complete set to determine hitch systems“, says Manfred Ifland, branch manager of Hitch Systems at GKN.

Our new set with test gauges is now available through our specialised retailers and can be ordered with the order no. 8005546.

For more information, visit Set - Test Gauges for Hitches in our product finder.

05.05.2018 - GKN Walterscheid stellt neue Prüfkalotte vor

Fast simulation of hitch mechanisms for checking chain guides


New service tool for exact condition monitoring of chain guides

In the last years, ball couplings 80 have been on the rise in the tractor market. This fact poses a challenge for the inspection of hitch mechanisms, e.g. in the mandatory yearly general inspections („Hauptuntersuchung“). Presenting tractors with assembled hitch mechanism, but without any coupled implement or trailers with ball system, is common practice.

Determining the exact condition of the chain guide plays a crucial role - it constitutes the central locking device for the connection between tractor and trailer. A safe condition monitoring of a chain guide on a ball80 proves impossible without a coupled calotte. A new chain guide, who would be required for comparison with the existing one, is often not available to the inspector due to the variety of available models.

Test calotte facilitates easy inspection

Designed specifically for this purpose, GKN Walterscheid now offers its new test calotte PK80. It is built for use on all current ball80 systems. Due to its semi-open design, it can even be assembled on a locked chain guide. After preset the clearance specified by the manufacturer, the chain guide should be moved vertically to determine whether the adjustment range on the adjustment screw still suffices.

If this is not the case, the chain guide has reached its wear limit and must be replaced. Wear and tear on the adjust pin mount can also be checked easily as well as chain guide deformations.Prüfkalotte PK80

„Inspectors have always wished for a professional way to check existing hitches on tractors. Many employees of testing agencies like TÜV or Dekra who attended our training courses have called our attention to this“, says Maik Lehmann, instructor for tractor attachment systems at GKN Walterscheid.

As an interested workshop, expert or testing agency, you can find more information about our new test calotte here.

Our new test calotte is available now through our retailers (Order no. 8005483)

Editorial note:
As the global market leader, GKN Walterscheid is a landmark for highest quality and innovation in developing and manufacturing premium driveline and coupling systems for tractors, agricultural and construction vehicles. GKN Walterscheid is a member of the GKN family.

Your press contact person:
Michael Harant
Marketing Manager
GKN Walterscheid GmbH
Hauptstraße 150, 53797 Lohmar

Telefon +49 2246 123351
Mobil +49 173 2803527


14.07.2017 - Walterscheid ULTRA.PLUS System

ULTRA.PLUS System: Only the very best of everything


With the ULTRA.PLUS System, Walterscheid redefines driveshaft quality and performance. The individual components, all of which were optimised for maximum functionality, add up to be the best Walterscheid driveshaft ever: highest efficiency, highest service life and unbeatable user-friendliness.

New standards in terms of quality and performance of drive shafts - the Walterscheid ULTRA.PLUS System

  • New universal joint
  • New drive shaft guard design
  • New premium guard cone
  • New wide-angle technology
  • New clutch technology
  • Innovative lubrication system for profile tubes

In agricultural operations, transmission of power via drive shafts continues to be one of the most important and efficient drive concepts. Walterscheid produced its first agricultural drive shaft at the beginning of the 1950s, and thanks to innovative developments, quickly achieved a global reputation as a leading supplier and easy recognition of its yellow coloured driveshafts. Over 65 years later, GKN Walterscheid engineers now fundamentally advanced the “yellow drive shaft”, thus achieving new levels of performance, safety and functionality. For this purpose, all major functional areas and components of the drive shaft were completely re-engineered. This process resulted in the new ULTRA.PLUS system that can be utilised in almost all Walterscheid driveshaft products.

“More than 100 newly developed or re-engineered components will be installed in our Walterscheid driveshafts in the future. The sum of numerous detailed developments provides for a markedly improved overall performance”, reports Wolfgang Adamek, responsible Head of Construction and Development for the new ULTRA.PLUS system. “In addition, we can offer an optimally customised drive shaft for each and every application – and this is not only true with regard to the growing requirements of agricultural equipment manufacturers. With the ULTRA.PLUS system, also the end customer will find the drive shaft which is optimally adapted to his operation”, says Adamek. The ULTRA.PLUS system will be stepwise introduced for all series starting in mid-October 2017.

Innovative universal joints

The new universal joints are one example of technological enhancements which will be applied in Walterscheid driveshafts in the future. The combination of the proven turquoise multi-lip seal, precision manufacturing and innovative lubricants ensure marked progress. The ULTRA.PLUS system now offers a doubling of the joint’s service life, and a clear increase in operating reliability, whilst maintenance efforts and wear are considerably reduced. In addition, environmental friendliness is improved, not in the least due to the markedly reduced loss of lubricant. Thanks to the proven cap bottom lubrication, greasing has also become significantly easier.

New drive shaft guard concept

For the new profiled guard tube with the “ST” labelling, both protective halves are connected in such a way as to make one holding chain obsolete. In combination with complete protection, no holding chain is required. Easy handling, reduced wear, stability, and compatibility with today’s SD/SC safety guards provide convincing arguments for the new guard concept. This also includes the new Walterscheid Premium Guard Cones which considerably simplify mounting/dismounting and maintenance of drive shafts and clutches. The implement guard cones are manufactured from high-quality materials, can be opened and removed in a few quick steps and offer an automatic 360° single click locking. These Premium Guard Cones have low requirements with regards to available space and feature a universal hole pattern for almost all applications.

New wide-angle technology

The new compact 50° wide-angle joint P450 is the ideal supplement to the proven Walterscheid wide angle joints. It was specifically designed for wide constant-angle applications, and can be used for all applications with a 50-degree maximum shaft angle. With its innovative centring system, the P450 joint is well suited for high speeds, rotates smoothly and is zero-maintenance thanks to the fully sealed centring unit. it can be combined with standard joints, wide-angle joints as well as overload and overrunning clutches to cover a wide range of applications.

New clutch technology

With the newly developed friction clutches K90TF and K90/4TF, local agricultural machinery businesses can now also take care of maintaining and adjusting the clutches, thus extending the service life of remaining friction linings. In addition to secure venting and easy maintenance thanks to the simple exchange of linings, the characteristics of the new diaphragm springs of these clutches automatically compensate for wear in the lining, thus ensuring an excellent constancy of torque and high operating reliability. Thanks to an optimised bearing concept, the new cam-type cut-out clutch K68/EK68 achieves significantly quieter running. The lubricant volume has been increased and the seal improved. As a consequence, this model’s strength are a markedly reduced maintenance effort, reduced risk of dirt accumulation, and lower grease losses as well as a significant increase of service life and operating reliability. With the newly developed friction clutches K90TF and K90/4TF, local agricultural machinery businesses can now also take care of maintaining and adjusting the clutches, thus extending the service life of remaining friction linings. In addition to secure venting and easy maintenance thanks to the simple exchange of linings, the characteristics of the new diaphragm springs of these clutches automatically compensate for wear in the lining, thus ensuring an excellent constancy of torque and high operating reliability. Thanks to an optimised bearing concept, the new cam-type cut-out clutch K68/EK68 achieves significantly quieter running. The lubricant volume has been increased and the seal improved. As a consequence, this model’s strength are a markedly reduced maintenance effort, reduced risk of dirt accumulation, and lower grease losses as well as a significant increase of service life and operating reliability.

Innovative lubrication system for profile tubes

As an option, the proven Walterscheid profile tubes can be equipped with the new lubrication system for profile tubes with immediate effect. Good accessibility of the grease nipple, homogeneous grease distribution via only one grease nipple as well as secure lubrication regardless of length and position do not only ensure a longer service life and higher performance but also provide for easier handling


25.05.2017 - Neuer Oberlenker zur Saison 2017

New top link for the 2017 season

hydraulic toplink

GKN Walterscheid presents a new top link with special functions for the 2017 season. With this new hydraulic top link, GKN Walterscheid provides answers to the continuously growing demands on agricultural technology such as higher power requirements, increased efficiency, safety and reliability, as well as longer service life and more comfort at the workplace.

The new GKN Walterscheid hydraulic top link with integrated shock absorber provides markedly higher driving comfort and safety. For this purpose, GKN Walterscheid engineers developed an innovative shock absorber mechanism which is directly integrated into the hydraulic cylinder and hence does not require any additional space. During operation, the new hydraulic top link allows for considerable extra comfort. The desired absorption rate can be adjusted to individual tractor-implement combinations by professional workshops.

he new hydraulic top links with shock absorber are compatible and interchangeable with existing standard top links. They can be installed without additional components. In comparison to standard hydraulic top links, the installation does not require any special parts or additional space. The concept allows for a secure operating position without continuous actuation of the check valve. Impact loads caused by “bouncing implements” are isolated from the tractor. This results in a markedly improved driving performance due to optimised ground contact of the front axle. As a consequence, safety is improved in all driving situations, there is more grip, and on the whole, productivity is increased. In addition to improved driving comfort, practical experiences also give evidence of clearly reduced wear of components. The new hydraulic top link will be available in all usual sizes via the GKN specialist trade shortly.

Here you can find the new hydraulic toplink
with spare parts and additional information


25.03.2016 - Kugelaustausch-Service

Neuer Austauschservice für Walterscheid Anhängetechnik mit Kugel 80

Der Austausch einer verschlissenen Kugel 80 bietet einen Kostenvorteil von bis zu 50% im Vergleich zum Neukauf einer Komplettkupplung.
GKN Walterscheid bietet ab sofort diesen Kugel 80 Austausch als  Rund-um-Sorglos Paket an.

Nach entsprechender Eignungsprüfung erfolgt der Austausch der Kugel 80 innerhalb von max. 2 Werktagen zum Festpreis von netto 550,- € zzgl. ges. MwSt. incl. Montage der neuen Kugel, Niederhalter, Abdeckkappe, Schaumstoffring, Austauschprotokoll, sowie Abholung vor Ort und Rückversand innerhalb Deutschlands.

Dieser fachgerechte Service wird durch die GKN Service International GmbH, Niederlassung Dingelstädt, Fachbereich Anhängetechnik, durchgeführt.
Sie möchten unseren neuen Service nutzen? Dann finden Sie hier unser


Bei Fragen rund um die Anhängetechnik steht Ihnen unser Kompetenzzentrum in Dingelstädt unter +49 36075 57 326 gerne zur Verfügung.

11.02.2016 - Schulungsprogramm Anhängetechnik

Ein Schulungsprogramm „wider den Verschleiß“


Rechtzeitig vor Beginn der Feldarbeits-Saison, bietet GKN Walterscheid jetzt ein neues Schulungsprogramm an, bei dem die Teilnehmer einen kompakten Überblick zu den technologischen Entwicklungen im Bereich der Anhängetechnik erhalten.

Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt stellt zudem die richtige Auswahl der passenden Anhängesysteme in der Land- und Forstwirtschaft sowie im Nutzfahrzeugbereich dar.

Verschleiß rechtzeitig erkennen

In der zweitägigen Schulung, die von erfahrenen Trainern durchgeführt wird, erhalten die Teilnehmer Entscheidungshilfen und Auswahlkriterien zur richtigen Produktauswahl. Aktuelle Neuentwicklungen werden vorgestellt und deren Einsatzgebiete und etwaige Problemstellungen erläutert. Ein Schwerpunkt liegt auch beim rechtzeitigen Erkennen von Verschleiß, Schwachstellen, Fehlanwendungen und der daraus resultierenden Gefahren. Hierzu wird ein eigens angefertigtes Verschleiß-Rack zum Einsatz kommen, um Abnutzungen an der Anhängetechnik anschaulich für jedermann sichtbar und überprüfbar darzustellen.

Die Schulungen werden bei der GKN Service International GmbH, Niederlassung Dingelstädt, Fachbereich Anhängetechnik, durchgeführt. Von Januar beginnend, finden jeden Monat spezielle Workshops statt. Bei Fragen zu Inhalten oder Terminen wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an petra.aschenbach(@), Telefon +49 36075 57322

Praxiserfahrungen zeigen neben diesem verbesserten Fahrkomfort auch einen deutlich geringeren Verschleiß von Bauteilen. Der neue hydraulische Oberlenker ist in Kürze in allen gängigen Größen über den GKN Fachhandel erhältlich.


22.02.2015 - Die neue "Schwarze Kugel"

New: The “Black Ball” from GKN Walterscheid

GKN Walterscheid has introduced a new Heavy Duty Ball Bush for particularly intensive operating conditions such as soil tillage for example. The new Ball Bush is characterised by extremely high requirements with regard to material and manufacturing processes, thus offering increased safety and durability during practical operation – also under most challenging conditions.
For the production of the so-called GKN Walterscheid “Black Ball”, only top-quality materials are used. Therefore, Chrome-alloyed bearing steel is utilised as base material which then is refined in a specific heat treatment process and protected against rust with a cathodic dip-coating. During this manufacturing process, also the typical black colour of the high-quality coating develops. The new “Black Ball” is available via the GKN specialised trade with immediate effect.

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