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Walterscheid presents new multiple telescopic drive shaft

Walterscheid WTS Shaft

Safe power transmission up to three meters

  • Telescopic drive shaft WTS provides long transmission lengths and maximum telescopic paths
  • Modular adaptation to a wide range of operating conditions is possible

The increase of working widths and machine dimensions require new concepts for safe and reliable power transmission at operating agricultural machinery. Wherever single telescopic drive shafts are no longer sufficient and intermediate bearings are technically impossible, a multiple telescopic drive shaft is the ideal concept for the power transmission.

Particularly for this area, Walterscheid is offering the WTS multiple telescopic drive shaft, which combines proven Walterscheid technologies in a new way.

The various WTS drive shafts are characterised by standard connections, low sliding forces and maximum telescopic distances. Transmission lengths of up to three meters are currently possible with the WTS drive shaft from Walterscheid.

In addition, the WTS drive shafts are equipped with a pull-out safety device and special long articulated yokes, which enable a angle of up to 120 degrees during transport.

Depending on customer requirements and application, both lemon and star profiles can be used in the construction of the drive shafts and be supplemented by all Walterscheid guard variants, as well as the new full guard system. In addition, all clutch variants as well as standard connection parts can be combined in the WTS series, to make an adaptation to different applications possible.

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EIMA Award for wide-angle technology from Walterscheid

Wide angle joint P450
  • Wide-angle joint P450 wins Silver Award at the Italian agricultural machinery EIMA show
  • Jury recognised high and safe performance of the wide-angle joint
  • Large constant angles and 50 degrees maximum angle of the joint is possible

On the occasion of EIMA International, the leading Italian trade show for agricultural machinery, taking place from 7th to 11th November in Bologna, the wide-angle joint P450 will be distinguished with an Innovation Award.

This was announced to the EIMA show corporation by the expert jury.

The wide-angle joint P450 represents the latest generation of Walterscheid wide-angle joints and belongs to Walterscheid’s new Ultra.Plus System.

The joint is characterised by many innovative features including low-wear centre bearing. The centring is now achieved without a friction-laden guide hub, and the use of a hinge bearing serves to reduce pressure. Furthermore, the centring system is now completely sealed off from external influences.

This prevents both dirt from entering and lubricant from escaping. The new Power Drive wide-angle joint P450 was specifically developed for constant-angle applications, and is characterised by very smooth running also at high rotational speeds. The maximum shaft angle of the joint is 50° – a clear advance on competitors' products, some of which achieve angles of 43° only.

In addition, the Power Drive P450 wide-angle joint is featured with all of the characteristics, which are typical for the Walterscheid Power Drive series, such as dirt-repellent multi-lip seals, and a zero-maintenance concept, due to the fully sealed centre unit.

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ULTRA.PLUS System: Only the very best of everything


With the ULTRA.PLUS System, Walterscheid redefines driveshaft quality and performance. The individual components, all of which were optimised for maximum functionality, add up to be the best Walterscheid driveshaft ever: highest efficiency, highest service life and unbeatable user-friendliness.

New standards in terms of quality and performance of drive shafts – the Walterscheid ULTRA.PLUS System
  • New universal joint
  • New drive shaft guard design
  • New premium guard cone
  • New wide-angle technology
  • New clutch technology
  • Innovative lubrication system for profile tubes

In agricultural operations, transmission of power via drive shafts continues to be one of the most important and efficient drive concepts. Walterscheid produced its first agricultural drive shaft at the beginning of the 1950s, and thanks to innovative developments, quickly achieved a global reputation as a leading supplier and easy recognition of its yellow coloured driveshafts. Over 65 years later, GKN Walterscheid engineers now fundamentally advanced the “yellow drive shaft”, thus achieving new levels of performance, safety and functionality. For this purpose, all major functional areas and components of the drive shaft were completely re-engineered. This process resulted in the new ULTRA.PLUS system that can be utilised in almost all Walterscheid driveshaft products.

“More than 100 newly developed or re-engineered components will be installed in our Walterscheid driveshafts in the future. The sum of numerous detailed developments provides for a markedly improved overall performance”, reports Wolfgang Adamek, responsible Head of Construction and Development for the new ULTRA.PLUS system.

„“In addition, we can offer an optimally customised drive shaft for each and every application – and this is not only true with regard to the growing requirements of agricultural equipment manufacturers. With the ULTRA.PLUS system, also the end customer will find the drive shaft which is optimally adapted to his operation”, says Adamek. Since the gradual introduction of the ULTRA.PLUS system last year, we received excellent feedback from leading machine manufacturers.

Innovative universal joint

The new universal joints are one example of technological enhancements which will be applied in Walterscheid driveshafts in the future. The combination of the proven turquoise multi-lip seal, precision manufacturing and innovative lubricants ensure marked progress.

The ULTRA.PLUS system now offers a doubling of the joint’s service life, and a clear increase in operating reliability, whilst maintenance efforts and wear are considerably reduced. In addition, environmental friendliness is improved, not in the least due to the markedly reduced loss of lubricant. Thanks to the proven cap bottom lubrication, greasing has also become significantly easier.

New drive shaft guard concept

For the new profiled guard tube with the “ST” labelling, both protective halves are connected in such a way as to make one holding chain obsolete. In combination with complete protection, no holding chain is required. Easy handling, reduced wear, stability, and compatibility with today’s SD/SC safety guards provide convincing arguments for the new guard concept.

This also includes the new Walterscheid Premium Guard Cones which considerably simplify mounting/dismounting and maintenance of drive shafts and clutches. The implement guard cones are manufactured from high-quality materials, can be opened and removed in a few quick steps and offer an automatic 360° single click locking. These Premium Guard Cones have low requirements with regards to available space and feature a universal hole pattern for almost all applications.

New wide-angle technology

The new compact 50° wide-angle joint P450 is the ideal supplement to the proven Walterscheid wide angle joints. It was specifically designed for wide constant-angle applications, and can be used for all applications with a 50-degree maximum shaft angle. With its innovative centring system, the P450 joint is well suited for high speeds, rotates smoothly and is zero-maintenance thanks to the fully sealed centring unit. it can be combined with standard joints, wide-angle joints as well as overload and overrunning clutches to cover a wide range of applications.

New clutch technology

With the newly developed friction clutches K90TF and K90/4TF, local agricultural machinery businesses can now also take care of maintaining and adjusting the clutches, thus extending the service life of remaining friction linings. In addition to secure venting and easy maintenance thanks to the simple exchange of linings, the characteristics of the new diaphragm springs of these clutches automatically compensate for wear in the lining, thus ensuring an excellent constancy of torque and high operating reliability.

Thanks to an optimised bearing concept, the new cam-type cut-out clutch K68/EK68 achieves significantly quieter running. The lubricant volume has been increased and the seal improved. As a consequence, this model’s strength are a markedly reduced maintenance effort, reduced risk of dirt accumulation, and lower grease losses as well as a significant increase of service life and operating reliability.

Innovative lubrication system for profile tubes

As an option, the proven Walterscheid profile tubes can be equipped with the new lubrication system for profile tubes with immediate effect. Good accessibility of the grease nipple, homogeneous grease distribution via only one grease nipple as well as secure lubrication regardless of length and position do not only ensure a longer service life and higher performance but also provide for easier handling.

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New Set with Test gauges for hitches to easily determine wear and tear of hitches

Test set for hitches

The new set includes a full assortment of test gauges and tools for the analysis of wear on agricultural hitch systems

In the context of general inspections, it becomes more and more important to correctly analyse wear conditions of hitches, ball systems, power steering systems, coupling eyes and calottes. Many workshops and specialists already offer corresponding services ahead of inspections.

Especially for this kind of application, Walterscheid now offers a new set with test gauges. It includes a complete assortment of test gauges and tools for wear determination on agricultural hitch systems. Among the tools we offer are special tool for groove nuts, test calottes and test gauges for power steering systems, Piton-fix hitch systems, bolt clutches, ball couplings and calottes. A comprehensive handbook is enclosed, containing information about wear limits and calibration for internal monitoring, and special lighting.

„Participants of our training programs at testing agencies like TÜV and Dekra, at OEMs and businesses have expressed the need for a complete set to determine hitch systems“, says Manfred Ifland, branch manager of Hitch Systems at GKN.

For more information, see our product finder.

Our new set with test gauges is now available through our specialised retailers and can be ordered with the order no. 8005546.

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